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allow • accept • embrace

I am infinite and unknowing and so are you. There is nothing to achieve for you. You are already it. Complete. You are everything. Let me unveil this for you.

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my love

You are the invisible appearing visible. There is no story to be told. Only presence unfolding before your eyes.

In every moment urging to remind you of your nature which too, is presence. 

Allow these words to penetrate your aura. Absorb them into your being and feel how that feels. Life force. Energy. All that is. Already inside you. You have all the answers. Unveil.

unknowingness: Über mich

What's the teaching?

How hard can it be to feel… How hard to communicate what’s actually going on? How hard to be honest? How hard to stay strong. When...


Once more I am surrendering to unknowingness. Not knowing what to write about, not knowing how I feel or what to say. Not knowing where...

Lila Chi

Behind me her candle is still burning. I lit it while she was still breathing and the vet had just arrived. It felt like the right thing...

unwavering truth

Just when I was about to spread my wings and fly again, this tiny little creature found her way into my life. Someone found her inside of...

a tribute to healing

We’re constantly shifting. Shifting from one energy field to the next, shifting internally between different emotions, thoughts and...

mirror me

I am the universe speaking through you. You are the universe speaking through me. It is all one theme - one galactic being encountering...

a meditation on I AM

Emptiness. Nothingness within somethingness. There’s always something as long as I perceive. I perceive because I am aware even when I am...


I am a student to all of this just as much as you are. I don’t know what I’m doing or what I’m gonna write about ever. I just allow it....

doing vs. being

Coming into fullness. It’s like allowing all to come alive without knowing how it might turn out. Without knowing if I’ll be able to hold...

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