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nothing containing everything

Timelessness. Wonderfully nothing. Containing everything. Letting go and letting in. There is nothing really happening but life unfolding before your eyes in every moment naturally. Organically. It is what remains in you when you’re not distracted by your minds doing. Presence. Attention. When your thoughts become clouds passing by and your feelings turn into waves that move through the whole of your being. Surrender. Everything just is. Beyond that, your perception of reality is shaped by the meanings you give to what you perceive and how you perceive it. I am. Presence. Awareness. I am life unfolding before my own eyes. And so are you. The beloved. Everything else is imagined and that doesn’t make it less meaningful. It might not carry the meaning you so far chose to give to it.

You are co-creating this reality with the whole. We all are. It’s just what’s happening. There is no point in trying to resist that or trying to change anything about it. In fact, there’s no point in trying at all. Now who is doing? Who is being? Who is aware? You are. I am. We are awareness. We are the invisible appearing visible. We are infinite expressions of somethingness. Everything is communicating everything to the whole always. We live in a field that’s constantly exchanging energies with every breath that we take and release. There is no information in the world that is not available for you in this moment. There simply isn’t. It’s a matter of allowing. Allow yourself to swallow the world. Inhale it. Exhale it. It is made of the same material that you are made of and that you breathe in and out day and night. It’s made of stardust, consciousness taking shape and taking form, appearing in time and space. But it’s not of this dimension. In fact, it’s not of any dimension at all. It simply is. You simply are because you are. It isn’t bound to anything. There is nothing for you to do but unlearn your doing by allowing yourself to simply be. Conscious. Are you aware? In this moment? Check with yourself. Are you aware?

When you surrender to unknowingness you allow all of your being to merge with presence completely. It’s the moment you let go and trust what’s happening that life begins to truly happen for you. Because life loves you. It recognizes you. It recognizes itself through you. Just like you are recognizing yourself through these words. Words are just a medium. Really this is just ink and paper or you could say pixels on a screen and not even that is true, it only appears to be. But we share agreements and meanings we give to words and we recognize when they reveal some form of truth to us. Naturally. Our whole being does. Again this is happening naturally simply because we are what we are. We are a miracle. We are one entity, one living organism expressing and perceiving itself in infinite forms simultaneously. And while we’re constantly searching for something or someone to recognize ourselves in, we are ultimately always looking for ourselves. And when we find ourselves in something that we truly love, this sense of knowing finally takes form. This sense of I am. I am awareness. I am beingness remembering itself and I know because I feel it vibrating through every cell of my being. That’s resonance. And it’s like you wake up in a dream because you realize you’re dreaming and suddenly what you thought was one thing shifts and shapes before your very eyes as you begin to see you are creating this and you have always been. And just like the material of the dreams you dream at night, this dream too, is made up of consciousness. Everything is. Consciousness moving. Expressing itself through us. Meeting itself through us. In every interaction, every thought and every feeling, we are either transmitting or receiving consciousness in different forms. It’s just what’s happening. The knowingness of I am is always available to you. It is the only sense that always remains. Just shine a little light on it, it’s right here. I am now. I am aware. I am here.

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