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We are awareness

If I could teach only one thing it would be this: We are awareness — not more and not less. Infinite everlasting awareness unfolding endlessly in the presence of life. And I think this is the most important lesson of all and the beginning of what we call awakening: The transition from identifying with your thoughts, your mind, your feelings, your persona — to simply knowing yourself as awareness.

What is awareness? It can be hard to grasp when you’re operating from a mind-based consciousness or we could also say, when awareness is still imprisoned by your mind.

Awareness is unconditional love, is presence, beingness, is-ness. But that can be confusing, too because what most of us identify with love ist not what I mean by it. The quality of the unconditionality of this type of love is free of feeling, free of any pull in any direction other than love itself and the expansiveness of it.

Awareness is the true essence of love. It is simply being aware of what is. Not wanting anything from any situation, not wanting anything to be any different.

It’s this god-like quality in love that may resemble a little bit to the love a mother can feel for their child. But even the best mother in the world is often entangled in so much more than „just love“. Awareness is completely free and unattached, it does not want anything from you or anybody else. It simply wants to be aware. And what happens is that when we’re unconscious, our mind automatically captures our awareness. Otherwise no active thinking would be possible the way we know it.

The mind needs our „energy“ to operate accordingly and that energy is actually our awareness and the essence of what we are. So when ever we don’t take responsibility of guiding our awareness back to the body, our mind will keep it for itself. That’s just the nature of it.

So what I think is our primary task in life as a human being is to take back our responsibility and ownership of what I call awareness. Because this is the foundation of all further development, no matter if we’re talking spiritual of simply the natural evolution of a conscious life. If you are not aware in your body, you are basically just a mind-based organism running completely wild. Identifying with what happened to you or how others perceive you, your traumas and overall drama of the human experience. What you think you are or have always been, are supposed to be, etc. But I’m telling you, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is an alternative to being a slave to your mind. You are not helpless at all. You just think you are.

Let me show you how I go about this. Everybody gets trapped by their mind, it happens to me so many times a day and it’s no problem at all. It’s not a problem because I don’t judge it. It’s so natural and it happens to everybody. So what I do is simply take responsibility for my own energy aka awareness by breathing it back into my heart. By now this happens almost automatically as soon as I remember I got trapped. This is what many teachers like to call „the work“ or one of my favorite terms: self-remembering. I think this describes it so well. Like — ooh shit here I am again! HA! I am awareness. Great! Welcome back.

No judgment, not wanting to have it any different. When you get to that point you know you are operating from your awareness and not your mind. Only your mind can judge, your awareness doesn’t even get the concept of judgement or separation or inadequateness. Your awareness is in constant communion with god or the divine. With father sun and mother earth. With all that has ever been and will ever be real. It can not be separate. It’s not in its nature.

Your body is your home in this life. And for that it’s doing an incredible job, I think. This human shell of flesh and blood and all its complex operating ways of continuously keeping you alive and fixing you from the inside. Breathing even in your sleep, working for you all the time only so you get a chance of the human experience.

And the more permeable you get, the more the divine can help you and your body heal. Healing is not something anybody can do. Healing happens on its own as soon as we step back from doing and wanting it to be different. Healing is evolution and that’s just the nature of life.

Our job is not to heal. Our job is to step back and let the river run free. That’s the essence of what surrender is. Let go and let it wash you clean. Breathe into your heart over and over again and know this is all you have to do. From our hearts, awareness can expand and move through our bodies with ease. That’s all there is to it. It needs to be free so it can do what it’s meant to do and you can become who you’re meant to be.

Because actually, you are not meant to be this fear-driven reactive creature you think you have no control over. You are meant to be a living embodiment of true love in all the individuality that makes you who you are. Being an embodiment of love has nothing to do with being nice. It’s just that the origin of your intention is pure. The place from which your thoughts and actions stem, is a pure place. Because that’s what awareness is. Interconnected beingness, presence, infinity. That’s what you are.

The only reason you wouldn’t want to embody that is given to you by your fear-driven mind pretending you’re something else than the miracle of existence itself. This has nothing to do with embodying some holy bullshit goddess archetype. This is just learning to actually be with what is.

You are not perfect, I am not perfect. We aren’t even supposed to be. What we are supposed to be is true to our essence, true to our hearts. Connected to our bodies and free of the voluntary enslavement by our minds. I say voluntary because we actually do have a say in this.

Nobody traps you but your own ignorance to do something about it. Mind is not a bad thing, it’s just not supposed to run our lives. Fear is not a bad thing either, it’s just not supposed to control our thoughts and actions. So breathe yourself back into your heart again and again and let yourself expand.

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