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Always & Forever

Updated: Feb 15

Sometimes I feel the world is right below my feet

And sometimes I fear that I am not enough for it

Sometimes I feel so funny, awkward, strange

That I can laugh at and with myself

And sometimes I feel strangely far from Self

As if something were to test me to move closer to my core

As if I needed to grow deeper into me forever more

I love myself and wonder why

Sometimes that feels like committing a crime

Like I need to shy away from it and hide

From someone to call me narcissistic, make me cry

No, I don’t really fear for that no more

I need to smile at my past

For now it’s just a sweet old story stored

I feel grown up

As if slowly but surely I do become my truest perfect self

Without holding back, without the belief that I could lack


I am becoming full of me

So full that I’m about to spill over like the ace of cups

Boiling over with the potential to share true love

The love I thought I had to fight for

Is the love I found right here

Full of wonder, stars and miracles

Full of joy born out of my own suffering

My sorrow led me here and brought me peace

So delicate and sweet

I won’t let go of it until the day I cease

I promise to myself now

I will stop comparing where I’m at

I am perfectly right where I am

In my own process of processing life

I will stop chasing something I’m already withholding

I am already it

Not depending on all that’s about to unfold when

I am done here on earth

And all purpose is revealed

I am already whole even though

Not every single part has healed

My journey has just begun and

I am already enough even when nothing is done

I am complete

And yet I wonder

What is it that I’m about to achieve

Will I change the world

Through my own being-ness indeed?

Will that be enough for evil to cease

Or will I have to sacrifice something greater

To make them see

That this is hell as much as it is heaven

That we are one as much as we are separate

That love is real and it is our essence

Truth is inherent and we are the blessing

Nothing matters even though all is sacred

We are unknowing and life is the teaching

You are the lesson, Trust is what’s missing

Unveil my love, collect all that’s been torn apart

Take back what’s been yours from the start

And never neglect the voice of your heart

Forgive yourself, love is the ladder

Know thyself without any pressure

Love is Truth, Truth is Self

Always & forever

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Nirit Sommerfeld
Nirit Sommerfeld
Mar 26, 2023

Beautiful. Beautiful words as beautiful as you are, my Love

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