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I am a student to all of this just as much as you are. I don’t know what I’m doing or what I’m gonna write about ever. I just allow it. The universe is using me to teach you and I am the universe using myself to teach me, too, simultaneously actually, you and me are learning.

Our whole life is a never ending series of clues leading us from one chapter to the next, seemingly chaotic and yet there is meaning within the chaos patiently urging for our recognition. There is meaning in everything we consciously or unconsciously do, it just depends on perception and awareness whether or not we can see it. Also the meanings might change, different perceptions hold different stories and truths to them. And yet they are all connected.

Everything has the meaning you give to it and slowly, slowly everything becomes meaningful. The number of birds you see in the sky, the way a stranger might look at you when you least expect it and how that can change an entire day of someone’s life. How all is just frequencies dancing and yet manifesting uniquely every moment we’re alive. How everything is connected even though we might not see it yet. How everything is simply art once we stop interfering with life.

We know it all deep down inside but each must walk their path alone. Each must learn and realise for themselves, find their own language, their own ways to describe what’s actually going on. What is going on? I don’t know. I don’t think you do. I don’t think anyone actually knows what’s going on. We think we know. We might even believe so. But we don’t know anything. Knowingness is something else, yes we can rest in knowingness and tap into that. And yet it’s the exact type of knowing that cannot be described. It’s when you know that you don’t need to say a word. True knowing is your origin, it unravels when you unveil. Only theories you need to present to see if they resonate or not but knowingness, true knowing doesn’t need to be proven at all. It is within you and it is your birthright just like breathing and being alive are. Don’t let your mind interfere with that.

Life is too precious to be ignored, love is too precious to be afraid of. And the funny thing is, you are love, you are life, the very no-thing I’m speaking of. You are isness. Beingness. Perfection. Evolving from one state to the next. Finding yourself in a human body, in a frame, finding yourself lonesome maybe or afraid. But you are not that. You are presence. You are presence that is aware of a feeling or state of consciousness that’s present in presence. Do you understand that? You are awareness aware of itself. That’s what being aware means. It’s just presence aware of what’s going on. No naming, no framing of what you think is going on. Just presence.

And that’s what I love so much about this universe, it’s not like you can actually tap out of alignment at all. It just feels like it. What’s happening is that you tap out of alignment with your essential self and the reflection of that being mirrored by your environment doesn’t feel good. What it’s actually showing you is what parts of yourself still long for your recognition and love. It’s the universe showing you how to get back into what feels like alignment to you. And the sooner you allow, accept and embrace what ever experience you are facing in any moment, the sooner it shall pass. It just wants to be experienced. All wants to be experienced, all wants to come alive in you.

What does it take for anyone to come into fullness today? Is there a skin you need to shed or a half-forgotten part of yourself you’d like to tend to? Now might be the time. In fact it is always time but now is the time you’re reading this, the time you’re finding yourself here, this very moment. Everything that is present right now wants to be seen by you. Allow it. What’s present? It’s a gift. Accept it. It’s the beloved wanting to reveal itself to you. Embrace it. It’s you.

It’s so funny. We’re all different mirrors of the same source trying to somehow communicate our deepest essence to one another that essentially is the same. Look at me. I’m divine. And I can see it in you, too. I recognize it in your eyes. Myself. Source. God. I recognize it, you see? We’re equal, we’re the same, just both expressing and experiencing all through different forms and frames. Different bodies, different minds and maybe even different souls. But within us lives the same consciousness making all of our hearts beat at once. Simultaneously because we are one despite that we are also unique and different.

The point is that all of our differences want to emerge through of us, they are literally gates, potentials, doorways that long for the resonating gate to correspond with. To amplify their own unique way of being and doing in this life and symbiotically form something new. A channel forms when two specific gates meet that are meant for each other energetically. They are meant for each other because only together will their highest potential come into life. It’s a mystery that doesn’t need to be solved. It just wants to be lived by you, felt with all your senses, experienced with all your loving and abundant presence. You’re infinite. Remember that.

That’s why it’s called self-remembering because all you literally need to do when ever you remember it, is remember yourself as presence. Attention. Isness. Formless awareness. Consciousness if you wish. You are god just as much as everything else is. Sacred. Infinite. Abundant. Loving. Giving. Presence. Here. Now. In fact always present, not always aware of itself.

It’s no more than training a muscle. Your muscles have been there all your life but only when you train them to do something, they remember how to do it. So train your mind and train yourself, formless awareness. Kindly ask them to remember their origin when ever they can. Your mind is a manifestation of god, too. God manifesting as your mind. Both are sacred and hold different purposes for you. Allow them to rest in isness when ever you don’t need them and allow them to act out of love, our source. Interconnected and present with what is here now and therefor always fresh and new in how they respond to what they perceive. Infinity within and all around life and death. It’s a miracle, don’t you see?

It’s perfect even though your mind might suggest contrary. What manifests is always how it’s ought to be. Otherwise it wouldn’t take form for us to see. It happens because it has to happen. Why it happens? I don’t know. I gave up trying long ago. I only see what’s present now through the innocent eyes of the aeon and the hungry eyes of my human mind. Through my third eye or some might call it water eye, I like the world the most. So I choose to stay there when ever I remember to. Remember myself. Every day a little more.

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