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I am the universe speaking through you. You are the universe speaking through me. It is all one theme - one galactic being encountering itself in multidimensional and unnamable ways. It is always now that this is appearing. While there’s nothing that’s actually happening. But it is appearing, we are appearing. And we’re gifted a chance to listen to each other’s ever-changing mysterious ways of being that each mirror different aspects of ourselves.

We are here to be our true authentic selves. We came here to encounter each other in human form and it is through human eyes that we look but it is through one and the same eye that we all see. An eye without a form that’s a portal to what lies beyond. It’s a doorway to source where there is no doubt that we are all one. It’s the same eye that’s present in any form or shape alive on earth. It is in the water, in the rocks, it’s in the crystals, the birds and fog. It’s in the rain and it’s in the sun. It’s in all animals, it’s where we’re one. It’s in every tree and in each branch, in every leaf and in the sand. It’s all alive in one. It’s all perceiving through one source. And yet this perception we call awareness is inhabiting different beings, different forms.

I am awareness. In this life I chose to be human, too. I carry a unique karma and I embody a unique combination of energies that form my conscious personality and my (to the human mind) unconscious body’s design. They give me a unique perspective for this lifetime and I serve the divine by gaining wisdom through the different energies, the different ways of being and perceiving, responding and receiving - and returning what I’ve learned to source. The energies that I embody serve the current development of my soul. I am infinite. My essence is love. I am always present for I know only presence. My mind is a binary system that’s serving me in processing and storing data. My body has an intelligence of its own with different energy centers connected to each other through gates that form channels through which the centers communicate. Of these centers, my sacral or some might know it as hara, is the one in charge of making decisions. It responds to any experience with either an opening or a contraction of life-force energy in my lower belly. The expansion indicating a ‚yes’ and the contraction of energy saying ‚no‘. It’s simple. Either something is right for me in this moment or it is not. There is no past or future, there is only now. So if now presence (awareness) is saying yes, it mean’s: do it! If awareness is responding to presence, saying ‚no‘ - then just don’t.

You can wander in time, live and die in it but you are not really bound to it. You are appearing in it. And time is appearing in you. As a concept, an idea. But really you and I are appearing in space and time. We are the manifestations of our spirits. So is our bodies and so is our minds. They are all equally divine. It is of the earth that these bodies are made in divine union with our souls that belong to the stars and yet really nothing belongs to anything and all is a manifestation of god. Magnified by all the different planets in this galaxy and probably beyond, pointing towards aspects of self that still long to be loved by us so we can see that all is one.

You think I know what this is about? I have absolutely no idea. What I think I know is that true knowing dwells in the un-knowing of all. Everything else is just imagined. It’s a dream. You can follow a system that might explain some things to you which in their essence might or might not be true. But if you take it for the absolute you’ve missed the point again. And I believe we all do from time to time. Cause it feels good to think we know. That we have finally figured it all out, that we can finally hold on to something that makes us feel safe. Safe in our own belief-systems, our bodies, our boxes, safe in the way we think we can control what we call reality.

There’s nothing to control. It’s just what’s happening. Which doesn’t mean you have no power, the contrary is the case. All the power you have and need to have is inherent in you. But the power lies not in controlling or manipulating outside manifestations of reality but the power is in regulating and simultaneously allowing and surrendering to what’s happening inside of you. By regulation I mean providing yourself with a structure that works for you like consciously challenging your belief-systems while knowing that you don’t identify with any of them and that you, awareness, are safe and worthy of love, no matter what. Because by definition you are love so how can you not be worthy of it. Feel how that feels. That’s a safe space you can consciously create with the help of your mind. Allow yourself to do so. Allow it in your own ways. It matters.

You matter. This is all that needs to be of any concern to you. How you approach yourself defines how you approach everything else. It matters that you live out your uniqueness and share it with the world. It matters that and/or if you deal with your trauma and connected shadow states of consciousness which manifest and reinforce other shadow states of consciousness around the world. It matters that and/or if you manage to live your life based on a gift frequency that radiates love and purity naturally because it’s not veiled by any lower shadow state. It matters because everything is connected. So if you live your life missing your soul’s purpose avoiding all the shit you’ve never dealt with - it matters! And of course you can say ‚there is no right or wrong‘ - which is absolutely true - and you can never truly miss your souls mission because who the hell am I to tell what that is.

Which is also true. But I am driven to thrive for self-empowerment (1st line conscious sun/earth) and its main purpose is to inspire you to empower yourself, too. One of my main gifts according to the Gene Keys is guidance along with freshness, orientation and discernment. This alone can obviously manifest in infinite unique expressions of ‚I‘. And here I am expressing some of them for the sake of doing so. Because my body showed me, because life invited me to sit and listen and write in this case. Because I choose to act accordingly and not resist what’s being asked or shown, or revealed to me. I am just listening and my mind is responding with words that hold a frequency that’s naturally mirroring my own.

And I don’t know what that looks like for you and what it means to you in this life or in this moment. But I know that it matters. If these times are not shaking the dead alive then I don’t know what will. My message here is simple: Trust yourself. Trust your inner guidance. Learn to listen to it. Find out how that works for you because not two paths will be the same even though some might share similar structures. And by paths, I mean ways of finding truth within self. If you feel called, you can check out your Human Design and look out for your authority type. It reveals how you can make decisions correctly as your self, listening to a specific energy center within your body and what its wisdom is teaching you. It is you that’s teaching you through a specific voice that does not belong or has anything to do with your mind. But you are free to find out any other way that works for you. Find your own way, that’s the game.

What I find to be one of the greatest atrocities in the world is that societies around the globe define the way in which we think and operate not to serve ourselves or the greater harmony of human existence and all life but to serve a purpose that’s dark and savage and that is not our own. So think for yourself, feel for yourself, tune into yourself. Listen to what’s there. It’s the only path you need to be on right now. It’s the only tribe you need to join. It’s the only workshop you’ll ever need to attend. Learn to be your own, hold your own, love your own, today, tonight. Every day a little, every night a little more.

Trust the process. Trust yourself. Trust that you are always right where you are when you are feeling home and safe and trust your body’s signs of alertness or tension are indicating truth to you in case you’re not where you’re „supposed“ to be. You’re still where you’re supposed to be but your body might want to tell you something there. It is you speaking to you. Asking for your attention. Pointing towards something. Relax into its wisdom. Relax into the pain, I promise it cannot harm you. It is just e-motion which is energy in motion literally. Don’t fear it. It’s your friend. Moving you, inviting you to take a step into the next chapter of your life that’s designed specifically for you by you so your magic can unfold and meet the world in new ways. It is you. Everything is constantly moving everything else from one thing to the next. Allow life to take you there. Allow yourself.

Let thoughts and emotions move through you, don’t let them push you around. You are sovereign. There is no-one you came here to prove anything for. You are love and there’s nothing to achieve for you but be yourself. It’s your only mission. To embody your uniqueness. Everything else follows naturally. Life is sacred and so is every breath we take. Every single moment miracles are unfolding before our eyes when we choose to pause and listen. Listen to the wind. Listen to the water. Listen to yourself. They are all mirroring you. Their message is unique to you.

I find we often get so immersed in our doing because at first it makes us feel good. We experience some sort of satisfaction through accomplishment and we like (and need) to be seen. But for what exactly? Do we ever truly wish to be seen for anything other than our true essential self?

The whole universe is designed so we could see each other, enjoy each other and observe our uniquenesses and our ever-connectedness all at once. The divine play of us mirroring each other in infinite ways and always encountering the exact people, circumstances and experiences that serve our growth the most at this point in time. Always. Always the exact lessons we need, designed specifically for each and every one of us out of one greater perception that perceives all in one. An intergalactic play of cosmic chess. That’s what it is. And we get to be a part of it and even better, everyone gets to play the main character in their lives in infinite unique experiences of ‚I‘. It’s divine. It’s genius. It’s ever present.

Allow it. Love it. Cherish it. Cherish yourself because there is no other you, I guarantee. No-one but you gets to play you in this life. You are a miracle. You are a gift. From existence to existence. From love to love. From life to life. From you to you. So take some time for yourself. Get to know yourself. Who is speaking? Who is listening? Who’s voice is that? Are there more than one? What are they connected to? My parents? My conditioning? My inner child? Which one - the free and funny or the wounded one? Who is in charge right now? My mind? Or maybe the body… What is it telling me? Where is it taking me once I allow it to guide my path?

Peace is always present within the depth of our being-ness. It is indestructible and infinite. To say it with the words of Dr. Gabor Maté: „That true self that you got disconnected from is still available to you.“ We cannot lose ourselves. „Trauma is the disconnection from your true authentic self. Healing is the reconnection to it.“ We are awareness. Live your life from that point of view and watch it transform. Immediately. Effortlessly. Like that.

So let’s look at trauma and the many voices in our heads for a moment. Let’s say you went through traumatic experiences in your life. Everyone did. You went through pain because you felt hurt by the people closest to you. And you remember that. So to protect yourself from it you created mechanisms that would ensure you wouldn’t suffer again. That’s really smart of you. It is essentially you taking care of yourself. That’s really nice. Thank you. But the one in charge of reinforcing those mechanisms here is the unconscious inner child. The wounded one. Not because it doesn’t love you but because it doesn’t know better. It is unconditional love manifesting as the inner child trying to protect itself from suffering based on past experiences that caused the suffering in the first place. So the inner child is responding to the past here. It’s not responding to the present. It’s scared to be fully present because it thinks it knows what’s just about to happen out of past experiences and is therefor projecting them onto the future. Which eventually makes it feel safe again (when it actually happens like it thought it would) because it’s reassuring to self that it was right and they were wrong or dangerous or bad or what ever the projection may be.

But really what it wants and what it needs to heal is your attention - your awareness. Because that in itself is healing and transformative and it’s all you need. Meet yourself (in this case the wounded inner child) with this awareness, with presence and attention which essentially is unconditional love. And assure it that it is safe now. That you are here now. Hold it with genuine kindness and compassion and always remember its innocence. The inner child is just wishing for you to free it - it might tell in a childish way, maybe by saying the opposite or not saying anything at all. But really it is waiting to receive your love so it can transform and enjoy life together with the other inner child, that’s also you and that’s already free and remains unharmed always. Remember, it’s still available to you. That true self that you got disconnected from is still available to you. It wants to jump around and go on adventures with you. So you, awareness, get to view life through the eyes of an innocent child that sees through a widely open third eye and whose centers are all perfectly aligned. Grounded to this earth and unafraid, exploring it like it would be the first day on this plane. With an alive body and an open heart and mind.

So if you want to be your true authentic self - there’s only one thing for you to do: Allow yourself to be. Out of being, doing naturally arises. But the kind of doing that comes from your own being-ness. That’s uniquely and inevitably you. That’s raw and open and unapologetic because it can not be otherwise. Gift yourself that bit of time for you to reveal and come alive. Put your being-ness first because it’s the only thing you can ever fully trust when it comes to being your true self. It’s you connected to source, to oneness, to presence, to home. It’s where we’re all one.

All the parts of you you still refuse to look at are holding you back from revealing more of your unique essence to yourself and the world. That’s why you keep meeting those traits in others, not to annoy you but to remind you of the parts which still long for your love. Energy or what I call ‚presence and attention‘ are our greatest goods. So use them wisely, choose wisely where you wish to direct that energy to because sooner or later you will merge with it and what you believe will manifest.

So check your belief-systems every now and then, unravel the maps of your conditioning and trust yourself in knowing and guiding your own path. Don’t believe your mind, it’s finite and likes to believe and think in binary ways. Life is not black and white. It is and it isn’t. It’s a mystery. You can never think out of the box of your mind unless you learn to think with your heart. Sounds cheesy, I know, and as if I was running for president. I am not. I’m just reminding you of your source: Consciousness. Your presence: Awareness. And your essence, which is love.

Some transformations appear to be painful - if not all of them are. The shedding of skin, the dieing of the old to make room for the new. But it’s really only parts of you transforming into other parts of yourself. There is nothing to lose. Keep breathing. The world is yours and life is yours to love.

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